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Long Distance Moving to/from Ottawa

We provide long distance moves to-and- from the Greater Ottawa Area within Ontario and Quebec. We consider any move that starts or ends more than 100 kilometers from Ottawa’s City Hall to be a long-distance move.


Pricing for these moves is based on an hourly rate for loading the contents onto the truck and then offloading at the destination plus a charge for travel time. The travel charge is billed at a rate per kilometer one way and depends on the size of the crew and truck.


This charge covers the cost of getting the crew to the job, travel between locations, refueling, and returning to the office at the end of the job. Charging for travel time in this manner allows customers to better predict the cost of the move as poor weather conditions, accidents, detours, and other delays will not affect the cost.

Tell us about your upcoming move and we will provide a complimentary estimate

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